The Oscars are Tonight…

“It’s interesting to be nominated for Best Director, Best Editing, Best Cinematography and Best Screenplay, but not Best Picture. I don’t know what else you have to do to make a picture.”

– Julian Schnabel, director of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. (In good humor he followed with, “But it’s all good . . .”)


And some thoughts about the nominations…

Initially, I thought the Best Picture race might be confusing. (as in: tight race) But it looks like No Country For Old Men will have no problem winning that award. Was it the best film of 2007? No.

My thoughts initially: Tom Wilkinson over Javier Bardem. Now it looks like Bardem has this race locked. There are some Holbrook hopes, which are nice to see, but it’s unlikely anyone but Bardem will take home the award for best actor in a supporting role.

Initially and beyond: Honoring Elizabeth: The Golden Age? Are they crazy? At least slightly?

Initially: I am shocked that Schnabel got the nod for best director (good for him), but why did The Diving Bell & the Butterfly get no nod in the foreign film department? Now: I still believe the film should have received a nod for best foreign film (and how about 4 Months, 3 Weeks, & 2 Days?!?! Really! That is quite a tragedy. It actually has been confirmed for some time, but this year it is clear to see that the Academy is truly crazy.) and I can see why Schnabel was nominated (I did not think he did not deserve it. I just thought the Academy liked more obvious directors). It’s good to see the screenplay was nominated as well, because that definitely helped in the direction of this film.

Surf’s Up is one of the greatest accomplishments in animation for the year 2007? What?!

Daniel Day-Lewis needs to win Best Actor. He is a craftsman and the best part of There Will Be Blood. Why is In the Valley of Elah being honored here? The Darjeeling Limited was better than that (but that’s not even saying much because Limited was one of the brightest spots in the year 2007. Need I go more in depth…).

Initially: Best Director is tight as well. Now: Well, I guess it still is. In a way. At least between two films. Michael Clayton is not stylish or creative enough (in the directing department) to win and Juno is just…kind of a surprise (although both are good films). Diving Bell is worthy of the award, but it doesn’t look like it stands much of a chance. So it’s between No Country and Blood. Which is prettier to look at? Probably Blood. Which is better made? It’s probably about even. The industry folks say the Coen Brothers will win for No Country. Between the two, I like the feel Paul Thomas Anderson gave Blood. Even though it’s more likely his cinematographer and Day-Lewis gave it that feel. Oh well. Blood‘s visuals are a little more creative than those of No Country. But between them, it is still close.

That’s all.

– R.H.


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