April Fools’ Day: ‘Trilla’ by Rick Ross (Greatest Album of All Time)

Rick Ross once said, “My presence is my presence.” One of the most intelligent quotes a cool person can make. And Ross is right again, proving all haters wrong with the release of his second solo album, Trilla. His magnum opus is, without a doubt, the best album that has been and ever will be released in the 2000s, perhaps the 21st century. Certainly, it is the greatest album of all time.

The rhymes are tight and the beats are heavy as we traverse thug life/luxury livin’ with Ross, a master of the studio.

It is worth mentioning that Rick Ross is also known as Rick Ro$$. This man has authentic street cred.

As I listen to the honeysuckle wrapped beats of “This Is The Life” (featuring flute mastermind Trey Songz) I analysis the heartbreakingly beautiful lyrics of Ross. The “yeahs” float around like celestial dust settling after a supernova. Beautiful, beautiful.

And a couple of tracks down the line, TSV hero Jay-Z appears. “Maybach Music” is inspired by its namesake (Bach) and its renditions of his classical repertoire are astoundingly touching. It’s official: I have not been this moved since Jennifer Garner’s performance in Juno.

Jay-Z turns in his part well, but yet, he cannot out-rhyme the master. With Trilla, Ross has surpassed his apprentices, achieving a height not seen in Hip-Hop since Hell Rell’s genre-spanning collaboration with the girls from Evanescence.

“DJ Khaled Interlude” is definitely the best track of this exquisite record, though. The guitar parts aren’t just mailed in from Ross. They are nailed in. That’s how good this guy is. Khaled gives a boring performance on the track, but Ro$$’s presence eliminates any of the listener’s worry. It is his presence, after all.

Released on March 11, 2008, Trilla is the only album I have come across that actually deserves the italics. It is a stellar piece of art that will have lithograph artists in tears over the amount of requests they’ll have for reproduction of the album cover.

The cover is the one thing I take offense to with Trilla. It has a “Parental Advisory” sticker. The man is just expressing himself. He needs words like “[expletive]” and “[expletive]” to get across the positive message of being able to own multiple Rolexes. Or maybe Ross will stop and wax on the days in his youth when he dealt with a dirty inner city life, cleaning pools at the YMCA. The youth needs to hear his words, as they are truth and they are real.

Listening to Trilla can have two positive effects on the youth that listens. It can either prepare them for the evils and dangers of gang life, or alternatively, for the thrills and luxuries of life as a rap mogul who signs incredibly talented “singers” time and time again to various recording arts labels found in America and beyond.

So fine readers, rest assured, Ross is an up-and-coming star who will BLOW UP on the scene in the coming months or years. He is a force to be reckoned with and no one can deny his formidable talent.

Two Silenced Voices gives this album a rating of “Perfect.”


Happy April Fools’ Day.

We do not think Trilla is the greatest album of all time. In fact, we’re pretty sure it is one of the worst pieces of recorded audio to ever debut on the marketplace.

We do not recommend Trilla or any other works by Mr. Ro$$.


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