Notes About the Site

Hello Friendly Readers,

We here at Two Silenced Voices like music. Heck, you could even say we love music. Matter of fact, we’re passionate about music. So passionate that it easily distracts us from updating this blog 24/7.

And being passionate music lovers, we enjoy our share of live music. And, what the heck, we might as well report on some of the concerts that we go to. So today begins the chronicling of our live music ventures. We probably will not report on every show we see and we may not report too often, but every once in awhile, expect a review/recap of a show. These ‘reviews’ might not be entirely strict music journalism reviews, but they might be peppered with unique-to-blog insights about the crowd, the personal adventure to get to the venue, etc.


Don’t be afraid to go back to posts. Sometimes, Vman will write a post and sometime later, I will contribute to that post. It’s like a two-for-one deal. Pretty great, no? You’ve just got to be sure to check back and see if the post has been updated. Same goes for me when I post, and then Vman contributes. Get twice the perspective at double the bargain!


On April 13, 2008 Two Silenced Voices reached 1,000 views! Thank you! We apologize for the only-so-often posting, but we hope you enjoy what you find!


Thank you for reading.

– R.H.


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