Nike and the Boredoms Present… 88BoaDrum!!!!!!!!

For those of you who have come across this site in search of news about the Boredoms, well, here’s a tasty tidbit: (The) Boredoms have announced their second crazy, mass-drummer experiment, set for (as predicted) August 8, 2008 (8/8/08).

It’s taking place in both Los Angeles and Brooklyn, New York. They’re both free public events. They’ve got 88 drummers. They’re both sponsored by Nike. They’re both… Wait. What? Nike? Yep. The Boredoms increase the weirdness factor every time we run into each other.

Don’t forget other artists teaming up with Nike in recent times. LCD Soundsystem. The very recent A-Trak release. Beat maker Lance Armstrong. Etcetera.

And according to Pitchfork, Soft Circle’s Hisham Bharoocha is the 88BoaDrum (the name of this crazy percussion-wild event) artistic director. (Soft Circle toured with the Boredoms recently. Check out our review.)

The drummers will be in L.A. it seems, while friends of the Boredoms Gang Gang Dance take care of Brooklyn duties.

Get the full details over at the aforementioned Pitchfork.

Sounds like a good time. Anybody making a road trip out to one of the events?

– R.H.



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2 responses to “Nike and the Boredoms Present… 88BoaDrum!!!!!!!!

  1. YEAYYY!!! Lot’s of SF’rs coming down and playing in or attending this!! AND THEN – don’t miss the LA PREMIER of JAMES MURPHY and PAT MAHONEY (of LCD Soundsystem) with their new project, SPECIAL DISCO VERSION, the very next nite – August 9th – with TIM SWEENEY of BEATS IN SPACE plus LOVEFINGERS and NITEDOG of BLACK DISCO. It’s 10pm-5am at a rad space with free donuts! has info and tickets for sale.

  2. alot of people definitely made their way down from the bay. it was a great time. check out my review for some footage.

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