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The Decline of Western Civilization

Ryan Seacrest is now hosting the oldest and most-watched New Year’s Eve program in the world. And Dick Clark’s wonderful voice is no longer what it was. That wonderful radio voice. (even though he may not like Michael Moore, we appreciate Mr. Clark)

Happy New Year everyone.

– R.H.

I wish to make it clear once again that the Happy New Year greeting is from R.H. alone, every new year i think about all that I have accomplished and realize that my life is a failure, I encourage you dear readers to do the same. And Ryan Seacrest is a cyborg, an asshole cyborg, I’m sure of it. Why is fergie famous? Who is this Sean Kingston fellow and what in the name of Zeus does he have around his neck? How can his neck support the sheer weight of that…thing? Since when do diamond studded guitars mean you’re good at music? and finally, why did Hanson change it’s name to the Jonas brothers?



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Season’s Greetings!

We here at Two Silenced Voices would like to wish all of our readers a very, very happy holiday season. If a holiday of yours has passed, we hope you had a great time and we give a belated ‘Happy day!’ And for everyone, enjoy the time you have with your friends and family (as well as your movies and gadgets and music and gizmos) this season.

Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Solstice! Happy Boxer Day! Happy New Year! Happy Holidays!


P.S. Several year-end best-of lists will pop up in the beginning of the new year as we try to gobble up all that 2007 has given us. We’ll be catching up on those limited release December ’07 films and the music that has eluded us, best we can. Thanks for your readership!


I would like to make it known that this post was posted preposterously prior to my learning of it. I disagree with the propaganda presented in R.H.’s message. I do not wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I never will. Long live Richard Dawkins!


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