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I now present my semi pop culture literate Top five albums of the year since I have predominantly invested my time in digging through the back catalogs of great artists and going through pop music through the decades. I still recommend mid-Who, early Bowie and post Bends Radiohead to anything out currently but somebody must rise and vanquish the evil lists of the Jody Rosens and Robert Christgau’s out there, the latter ranking Souljaboytellem in his top 20. I sigh as I imagine Lester Bangs rolling over in his grave after another hit of cocaine. I shall be providing a top _____ list since I would much rather be listening to Hendrix redefine the electric guitar into a violin than shudder as I attempt to avoid a seizure induced by M.I.A.’s music and equally horrendous album art.

1. In Rainbows – Radiohead.

2. Fourteen Autumns, Fifteen Winters – The Twilight Sad

3. Boxer – The National

4. American Gangster – Jay-Z

5. Armchair Apocrypha – Andrew Bird

6. Graduation – Kanye West



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